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The Mask Film Review

Jim Carrey’s “The Mask” is a slapstick film that set the pace for Carrey’s career in 1994. More often than not, slapstick films especially during the early 90s do not get any praise from film critics. But “The Mask” is a totally different type of slapstick film since even though it’s based on a comic book by Dark Horse, Jim Carrey practically took over the role and made it his own. It’s a fun movie that makes you forget it’s actually an adaptation.


But aside from Jim Carrey’s performance, movie fans should also note that the movie is also a vehicle for another actor. Movie fans will immediately notice the amazing performance of Cameron Diaz. She practically dazzles during the entire film and whenever she comes in the scene, everyone focuses on her.


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One of the biggest challenges for Fast 5 is how to push the boundaries of an already formulaic film. Of course, you’ll have to expect really fast cars, beautiful women and Vin Diesel with Paul Walker in a fight scene. But followers of the film franchise have practically seen it all and more.

Fortunately, Fast 5 is something of a unique beast because it pushes the boundaries of an action film by completely disregards the laws of physics. A purist will immediately object to the action scenes of Fast 5 but it’s a film that doesn’t really care about those rules – and the filmmakers of Fast 5 are not apologetic in going overboard.

In fact, going overboard is exactly what they intended to do and they have done it well. The particular scene where the vault gets dragged in the streets of Rio is absolutely stunning because it makes you wonder how they pull it off. Of course in the real world it wouldn’t be possible but it still makes an interesting spectacle.

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“Paul” Film Review

Paul is a movie for aimed at sci-fi fans and it’s never apologetic. It tries to combines every possible scenario and cliché you have seen in previous alien movies and yet it’s still very funny along the way. Of course, you also have to credit the actual familiarity of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to sci-fi because they are also well-versed in the genre.

The premise of the film is very simple: two guys on a road trip to visit every well know destinations for sci-fi fans and actually stumble on an actual alien. As the government tries to subdue the alien, the gang encounters different personalities which always end up with awkward due to the alien.

The best part of the film is really the alien. Seth Rogen is the voice of Paul and it’s actually very hard to distance the image of the actual actor once you hear his voice. But that’s a good thing since you are expecting a unique type of humor from Seth Rogen. At first, you may wonder how Frost and Pegg will blend with Rogen but the trio actually pulls it off, maybe because Rogen is an alien and is meant to stand out.

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Tangled Film Review

The current trend in the film industry is sequels, prequels, remakes and adaptations. Producers and movie studios are always looking for something to remake or adapt and many see this as an excuse to avoid risks in making a bad movie. On the other side of the spectrum there are producers constantly looking for ways to push the boundary of film making. While each effort could become a resounding success, there will always be moments where remakes end up with a thud and new ideas are simply bad concept with funding.

“Tangled”, on the other hand, is careful mix of the two concepts. It is a Disney adaptation of Rapunzel but it slowly pushes out the concept of a maid-in-distress to present a brand new heroine. The film also takes advantage of some of the best techniques in film making especially in animation and the result is an impressive color display. It brings you back to the old hand-drawn animation of Disney but with the inclusion of new 3D graphics.


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When the announcement came out that the final book of Harry Potter would involve not one but two movies, some film critics and fans questioned the motive of the studio. Although a two hour film cannot easily justify the final installment of Harry Potter, pushing the movie in two parts might leave the fans in disappointment.

But the first part of “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows” gives the audience a worthy prelude to the final battle of Harry Potter and his nemesis. The film does not just set-up the movie for the final confrontation but it also tries to answer some questions on what could happen with the rest of the characters. There are also times that it leads the audience to ask more questions and watching the second part of the film becomes a necessity.



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The Other Guys film review

The past few films of Will Ferrell (Step Brother, Land of the Lost, Semi-Pro) have received some harsh reviews. The consensus is that the former “Anchorman” no longer has the funny bone that can appeal to casual Will Ferrell fans.

But The Other Guys recently came out and the past reviews no longer matter. It’s not the best film of Ferrell but it’s not a bad movie and it proves he’s still a funny guy.

Will Ferrell plays a cop partnered with Mark Wahlberg and they are just in the shadow of two super cops played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson. The plot alone will make your head spin and it’s actually pretty funny considering you have these hardcore action guys (especially Wahlberg) in one scene with a really funny man.

What makes this movie work is that Will Ferrell returns to his old funny form of “non-sequitor comedy.” The delivery of the punch line is amazing as you wonder why you laugh even though you know it will happen.

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4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

‘4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days’ has been released on DVD and has been named the winner of BBC 4 World Cinema in 2009. The director of the movie is Cristi Puiu and the leading actress – Anamaria Marinca does a brilliant main character.

The story is simple, set on the background of communist Romania in 1987 (the hardest times under the regime). A pregnant student decides to have an illegal abortion after 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days of hesitation. In order to have the abortion, her friend helps get the money for the intervention and also book a hotel room where to have the abortion. She is recommended a seedy man who does illegal abortions and in the end they find a room in a hotel and get there.

The film had two scenes rather hard to watch: the first is the scene when the seedy man is explaining what he will do and suggest safe actions if complications appear after the abortion.

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Kung Fu Panda

In Kung Fu Panda, funny man Jack Black lends his voice to a big, tubby Panda named Po who works in a noodle restaurant owned by his father (which is a goose by the way) but dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master.

One fateful day, Master Oogway, the great and wise tortoise, predicted that the evil snow leopard Tai Lung would escape from prison and wreak havoc into the village. Master Shifu, the Kung Fu master, was alarmed and immediately sent his messenger to go to the prison. After Shifu heard the news, he instantly gathered the Furious Five; Tigress, Crane, Monkey, Viper and Mantis and announced to the whole valley that they will be choosing the Dragon Warrior which they believed was the only one who could defeat Tai Lung. When Po heard this news, he hurried up the steps going to the temple with great difficulty just so he can watch who among his heroes, the Furious Five, would be chosen. In a twist of hilarious fate, Po was the one chosen by Oogway to be the Dragon Warrior. Much to his delight, Po tried his very best to train but to no avail particularly since Shifu and the Furious Five wants him gone.

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Along Came Polly

I am a big Jennifer Aniston fan and I love all her movies and shows. With all her movies, this is one of my favorites. Along Came Polly was released back in 2004 and it’s a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller.

The title is perfect for this movie since Ben’s character Reuben had a terrible experience with his wife on their honeymoon when he saw her sleeping with their diving instructor. He then met Polly who was his school friend. They immediately felt a connection with each other although the two are the complete opposite of each other. Reuben is afraid to take risks and doesn’t like germs a lot while Polly is a waitress who is not ready to settle down and get married and lives with her blind ferret.

Reuben’s wife came back in the end and wanted to make amends but Reuben decided to take the risk and live a miserable life with Polly than go back to his unfaithful wife and live normally.

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Shrek 3 film review

I am the type of person who prefers movies that doesn’t have bad villains on a killing spree. I prefer watching movies that makes me feel good and relaxed. After all, when I watch a movie it’s because I want to relax so how could I possibly relax when my blood is rising with every scene? It’s why I really love Shrek the movie. It’s one of my favorite movies and I’ve watched all 3 films! And, I didn’t just watch it one time I bet I’ve watched it over 10 times each! That’s how much I love this movie! I love Shrek and Fiona! I’m such a fan.

Shrek 3 is similar to Shrek and Shrek 2 where there are lots of singing and their own versions of the popular songs we are all familiar with. I love all the evil villains such as Captain Hook, the Wicked Queen, the Headless Horseman and even Pinocchio’s puppet master!

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