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Pӧlkar is a new band formed in Thessaloniki, Greece that describes itself as an indie, folk and rock band. This is their first video clip directed by Michael H. Webber and Kleitos Kyriakides.

The music video itself is like a short film with a plot that thickens and thickens as the song progresses till it clots.

We expect scary videos from Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie or even Ozzy but it is still quite unusual for new artists. Hence, why we enjoyed watching it so much!

My previous post started off with how haunting a particular piece of music can be in conjunction with a visual aid (The Shining, dir. Stanley Kubrick). I would like to go into a little more depth and discuss soundtracks and the effects of audio and video combined can have on the feeling of a film.

First off, soundtracks are used as indicators. Indicators of what era the film is set in, whether it is a comedy or a horror, whether a character being introduced is good or bad, etc. This is a supportive use of audio, intensifying what you see with appropriate music. There is also the reverse, where the audio is there to subvert what you are watching. A good example in my mind is the torture scene in Reservoir Dogs, where Michael Madsen tortures a cop to “Stuck In The Middle With You”, a rather upbeat song that makes the scene even more unsettling. Regardless of the theory lets have a look at some excellent soundtracks. Read the rest of this entry »