What It’s All About

I’ve had an online journal since the late 90s (before it was cool :P) where I generally write about what is going on in my life and allow some friends to read and keep in touch. I have avoided writing about film there because I am so passionate about it that it might annoy my friends to read about the films I watch every day. So here is a short introduction of what I am all about and what you might expect to find in this blog.

Growing up I watched anywhere between 4 and 10 hours of TV (mainly films) a day. I know it is a lot and it probably warped my brain but there it is (like the king said to Amadeus). Since then I have graduated with a film degree, participated in a couple of feature films and a number of shorts and continue to work in the industry. I still watch at least one film a day, more if time allows.

All this watching and participating in productions has increased my love for film to the point where I want to share my views with others and maybe introduce people to films they did not know of. I know I am grateful whenever someone lends me a DVD of a great film that I’ve never seen and I’m trying to return the favour.

So, in this blog I will attempt to review and recommend films that are being released at cinemas or on DVD, write about my favourite films and directors, inform you about festivals and retrospectives, as well as comment on TV (special seasons, film premiers, series, etc.).

I am of the belief that there is a fine line between mere entertainment value and quality “artsy” films and that there are films out there that tread that fine line, making them an absolute wonder to watch. It is what the ancient Greeks called psychagoga, or guidance of the soul. Films should most definitely entertain, but at the same time they should offer you something more, and I will try to identify the films that will keep you entertained, but at the same time offer you something more that would merit repeat viewing.