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NetflixAccording to BARB (the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board), 3 million households in the UK have Netflix. The only paid for viewing service with more subscribers is Sky with over 10million homes in the UK signed up. So, what is it about Netflix that makes it so popular?

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Sundance will ride into London again this April, showcasing the best of the American indie film festival. A mix of 20 drama and documentary features will be shown alongside music and comedy performances at the O2 arena. The pick of these looks set to be Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color, the follow-up to the visionary writer-director’s 2004 debut feature, the time-travelling head-wrecking science-fiction labyrinth Primer. Read the rest of this entry »


The Academy Awards are upon us yet again, with even more American chest-beating than last time Katheryn Bigelow was nominated, and won, with a controversial war drama.  Last time, when Bigelow triumphed with the Hurt Locker in 2009, the atmosphere was pretty patriotic. But this year takes it to the next level, with three dramas about American power all competing for the Best Picture – Lincoln, Argo and Zero Dark Thirty.

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Hollywood star Bradley Cooper and outspoken Star Trek director JJ Abrams have been in talks about working together on a film about Lance Armstrong’s controversial life.

Abrams told Entertainment Tonight that the two had been talking after Cooper emailed the director expressing his interest in playing the disgraced cyclist. Last week Abrams’  production company Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures secured the rights to Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, a book proposal by Juliet Macur.

Lucas looking ‘happy’ with his new pals.

The big news this week is George Lucas’ decision to sign over his film production company LucasFilm, including its flagship brand Star Wars, for $4 billion (around £2.5 billion).

I’ll be honest, I love Star Wars. I’m not a fan enough to dress up, attend premieres or know every single line of dialogue, but I’m a fan enough to know that Han shot first. The original trilogy (that is Episodes IV, V and VI) sat in my living room in a boxet on VHS and my brothers and sister used to sit down with our dad to watch them. Loved it. Even if we didn’t really get it the first time round.

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Graham Chapman exists as one of the greatest comedic talents that the world has ever seen, and we’re kind of proud that he’s British. Climbing to fame with Monty Python, he quickly situated himself as quick-witted and far cleverer than some of the sillier jokes that the sketch troupe put together.

He was also a troubled man. Openly gay, in a time when the world was far less tolerant, and struggling with alcoholism, his friends described him as a man “constantly trying to find himself”. He was introspective and melancholy in the public eye and sadly passed away in 1989, taking a bit more laughter out of the world.

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Forbes recently released a list of top earning male and female actors in Hollywood. The list is a clear testimony that big budget stars still attract crowds and millions every year. Their source of income is not just from their big budget films but also from endorsements. Of course, their popularity naturally translates to other endeavors which mean they can still earn more through endorsements and advertisements.

The top earning male Hollywood actors for 2011 are the following:

• Leonardo DiCaprio – $77 Million

• Johnny Depp – $50 Million • Adam Sandler – $40 Million

• Will Smith – $36 Million

• Tom Hanks – $35 Million

• Ben Stiller – $34 Million

• Robert Downey Jr. – $31 Million

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A Short History of 3D films

Since the success of James Cameron’s Avatar, movie producers are constantly looking for ways to release their films in 3D. With 3D films grossing higher revenue, it looks like 3D is the technology that will usher the further success of the film industry. But even though 3D looks like its brand new, it’s actually a very old technology. New blockbusters have simply improved the technology to improve the viewing experience.


Early 20th Century

3D was patented by William Friese Green in 1894. It’s simply a viewing process using two screens combined with the help of a rudimentary headset. But even though it was introduced before the 20th century, the first movie in 3D was only adopted in 1915. From that point, some short films were made in 3D.

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Brittany Murphy found Dead

338181203_f9fd97ffb3After last year’s tragic death of actor Heath Ledger, Hollywood is loosing another young talent. Actress Brittany Murphy was declared dead yesterday, Sunday 20th December, after paramedics urgently transported her to Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Murphy’s husband, writer-producer Simon Monjack, and mother Sharon found her in the shower in a state of unconsciousness and immediately called for rescue.

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leonardo di caprio new movieMel Gibson is due to start his next movie as a director in autumn 2010 and has chosen Leonardo di Caprio to be the main feature. The film, with no title as yet, will be based on a Viking epic, written by William Monahan and produced by Graham King. Other than the official agreements of those involved in the project, not much is known regarding the plot and further details.

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