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Trawling through the internet looking for the best and worst Christmas films, it’s possible to find some patterns emerging in what people consider to be good or bad in these sorts of films. Some of these are fairly predictable: old fashioned sentimentality is good but modern slushiness is bad. Some are not so obvious.

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Book to Film Adaptations

The fault in our stars

The big hit at the cinema this year has been The Fault in Our Stars. Directed by young newcomer, Josh Boone, this tragic romance has had teenage girls weeping in the aisles all over the world. Its success was due to the huge popularity of the book, by John Green, the film was adapted from. Published in 2012, this book had sold 10.7 million copies by the time the film came out. Previous book to film adaptations have met with a mixed reception.

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Don McCullin

Photographer Don McCullin is still alive, although his brand of hard-hitting photojournalism may not be. This is what we learn from the eponymous documentary by Jacqui and David Morris, charting the life of one of the world’s most daring and brilliant war photographers, now retired but lucid as ever.

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The first science fiction film in history was released at 1902 (A Trip to the Moon, written and directed by Georges Méliès), since then the Science-Fiction genre evolved steadily, thanks to modern computers generated imagery and our own technological evolution.

In the last 20 years a huge amount of amazing science fiction films emerged, to the point that the cable channel owner NBCUniversal created a dedicated channel for Science Fiction (SyFy).

In this article you’ll find my top 10 Sci-Fi movies from 2000-2010.





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Top Films Set in One Location

Most films are shot in a selection of locations, from the protagonist’s house to their work place. But a few films manage to tell an interesting story without moving location. Usually these films focus on the characters’ thoughts and feeling instead of including action or visual effects. We have selected the top single location films which have become a critical and commercial success:

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Walt Disney is well known for producing some of the top grossing films in animation. Their partnership with Pixar is a very impressive move as they have become not just the leader but a trend setter when it comes to storytelling and modern film making.

The following is a list of the top grossing and award winning films that Disney Studios have created in the recent years:

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Christmas is more than just a holiday where you give out and receive gifts. It’s also a time to relax with your family with some home entertainment. Since it’s also the Christmas season, it’s fitting to enjoy some movies with a Christmas theme and there are tons of films focusing on the holiday season.

We have listed the top five films perfect for family viewing:


  • Home Alone 2 : Lost in New York – the film is still fun to watch even if it’s not Christmas. Home Alone 2 is not necessarily heart warming but a fun film to enjoy with the kids because of its slapstick adventures.


  • Santa Clause – Tim Allen replaces Santa when he fatally injures the jolly guy. His transformation from a simple, unwilling man to a lovable Santa is fun to watch and kids will surely enjoy the message.


  • · Elf – This may not be the best film of Will Ferrell but it’s certainly one of the most memorable especially for Christmas season. Ferrell plays “Buddy” the Elf that was accidentally brought in by Santa in his carriage. Also featured in the film – the sweet voice of Zooey Deschanel.

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Top 10 Horror Films of all Time

Many of the horror movies today are fun to watch only during the holiday season. These movies are a little bit scary but ultimately amusing. They provide some type of entertainment with few bits of horror along the way.

On the other hand, there are horror films that withstood the test of time. These are horror films that can give chills and entertainment any time of the year.


10. SAW – The movie franchise that started “torture porn”. Although the story gets a little bit tired in the later sequels, the gripping scenes are still there.

9. REC – This Spanish movie disguised as news is one of the most chilling films of modern movies. The fact that it was remade for American viewers is a testament of its quality.

8. The Others – The acting chops of Nicole Kidman is in full display of the film. Complement her acting with superb writing and unique twist in the end, you easily get a good horror movie.

7. Alien – Sigourney Weaver’s Alien is a thrilling ride of suspense perfectly blending with Sci-Fi.

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Top 3 Movie Prequels

Hollywood is scrambling for fresh ideas that would appeal to young movie goers while attracting the older crowd through nostalgia and familiarity. This is the reason why many of the movies today are sequels, prequels and remakes. Some movie fans complain about the lack of idea but adapting a movie for modern times or showing how the characters from past films progress can still be very interesting.

Prequels may be connected to a past hit film, but they do differ from sequels and remakes. You are not required to have watched the previous films because the films are set before the original story. Even though prequels can gain a buzz due to the franchises past success the can also end up as a disaster. Fortunately, there are some prequels that are as good or if not better than the original film;


Casino Royale

The common reaction to Casino Royale is that it’s trying to emulate the “Bourne” series. But Casino Royale is actually a true return to its form because the spy film now focuses on the character instead of the advanced gadgets. Daniel Craig provides a fresh face to the new gritty character of James Bond.

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Top 3 Nastiest Film Villains

Film villains are as important to films as the heroes and heroines. Without the villains, the movie becomes bland because the film will has no conflict and therefore no struggle and emotion.

In some case the villains practically take over the film. The following top movie villains are not only great character but also huge influencers on their films stories. While there are main characters in the film, these villains practically carry the movie from start to finish.

3 Freddie Krueger (Nightmare of Elm Street)

Played by Robert Englund and Jackie Earle Haley, Freddie Krueger is the only character that stayed in the movie franchise. It’s practically a movie about kids being chased in their dreams with real world consequences. The main characters change but Freddie Krueger is still there no matter what and you’ll always cringe whenever he’s in the scene.






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