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ground zero

Steven Spielberg to do Ground Zero Documentary

After all the documentaries that have been released in the past nine years showing those indelible footages of the twin towers’ destruction and the moments of agony the world lived on that 9/11, Steven Spielberg is opening a new chapter to witness and record the new World Trade Centre that is to rise again from the ashes of Ground Zero. The production of a series of documentary in six parts to be entitled “Rebuilding Ground Zero” is planned to be completed and released in 2011.

Oldboy possibly to get a remake from Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is always associated with multi-million budget films that aim to wow the audience right from the start. Even if he wants to be emotional, he always do it with a bang. It’s hard to remember the last time he got himself drowned at work for a small budget film.

Will Smith on the other hand also has the same caliber when it comes to making blockbuster films. As the Independence Day guy, his consecutive success in movies every Independence Day has made him one of the most recognized actors today.

Shane Meadows, Mr. Selfdestruct

My mother’s last birthday present to me was a box set. What can I say, the woman knows me well. Probably because I had been going on and on about Shane Meadows and This is England. So now I own a box set of his films called This is Shane Meadows and it includes all of his feature films as well as some wonderful bonus material.

Tim Burton: Alice in Wonderland, but where are you?

A few months ago I came across a Sweeney Todd poster in a film magazine, and being a huge Tim Burton and Johnny Depp fan it went straight on the wall. Even though I had been thoroughly disappointed by pretty much everything he had done since Big Fish, I assumed that Tim+Johnny+Helena+Blood+Musical would most definitely equal success. So after dragging 5 of my friends to the cinema to watch Sweeney Todd I went straight home and literally tore the poster off the wall.