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Announced through his Facebook page, James Gunn has revealed that he will officially be directing the new Guardians of the Galaxy film. It’s been expected since Marvel approached the Scooby-Doo director back in August to direct the picture, but now it’s been made official and it has emerged that James Dunn will also be writing the script.

A script for the film already exists after being penned by Nicole Perlman and Chris McCoy, but it seems that Marvel has given Gunn free reign to change what he wishes, and even create a whole new script, just as it happened when Joss Whedon was given the helm of the hugely successful Marvel flick, The Avengers.

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The 60s in films is considered as one of the best decades in film because of the revolutionary ideas that were presented for the first time. Leading the movement to impressive films in the 60s are three film directors from UK: David Lean, John Schlesinger and Guy Hamilton. Each of the film directors has made something unique that made lasting impression on the film industry.


Sir David Lean CBE – Powerful Blockbuster Films

Sir David Lean will always be known for his iconic films: the Bridge over River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago. These films were made from the late 50s to the 60s. His biggest influence in films is his ability to handle big budget films with ease while presenting them as a work of art rather than something to amaze the audience.

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Steven Spielberg has been one of the world’s most iconic film directors for more than four decades. His influence is more than just live action films since he is also one of the founders of Dreamworks which rivals Pixar in terms of animations. His experience as a director and film producer has allowed him to easily influence a movie and inspire more film makers.


Early Beginnings

His love of film making inspired him to start creating movies before he was ten years old. His first films were with friends and were based on war stories told by his father. In college Spielberg studied film making in California State University but eventually became an intern for Universal Studios. He eventually got the attention of the studio after making the short film Amblin in 1968. Sidney Sheinberg who was the VP for Production in Universal signed-up Spielberg after she saw the short film.

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freedom-towerAfter all the documentaries that have been released in the past nine years showing those indelible footages of the twin towers’ destruction and the moments of agony the world lived on that 9/11, Steven Spielberg is opening a new chapter to witness and record the new World Trade Centre that is to rise again from the ashes of Ground Zero. The production of a series of documentary in six parts to be entitled “Rebuilding Ground Zero” is planned to be completed and released in 2011.

The structure that will be build in the former WTC site will be called the Freedom Tower, a 540 metre tower to be the tallest building in the US, which development has begun in 2006 and is due to be completed in 2013. Next to the cubicle tower will also be the Reflecting Absence memorial and museum to commemorate victims of the terrorist attacks.

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Steven Spielberg is always associated with multi-million budget films that aim to wow the audience right from the start. Even if he wants to be emotional, he always do it with a bang. It’s hard to remember the last time he got himself drowned at work for a small budget film.

Will Smith on the other hand also has the same caliber when it comes to making blockbuster films. As the Independence Day guy, his consecutive success in movies every Independence Day has made him one of the most recognized actors today.

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It’s strange how intertwined music and sound are with film. I was in my room when I heard the various pieces used in the advertisement for More 4’s Kubrick season, from films such as Lolita, Eyes Wide Shut and The Shining, and rushed in each time to catch the end of trailer. The good news is that you can get More 4 on Freeview and we have a box. The bad news is that my flatmate came home drunk one night and couldn’t get the remote to work so he started banging it on his leg until it broke into several small pieces.

So when I realised that we wouldn’t be watching the season all together every night this past week, I decided to spend a couple of nights at the office, where we do have Freeview. At least I was at work on time. The season prepared by Channel 4 was an excellent collection of films and documentaries by and about one of the great masters of modern cinema. Read the rest of this entry »

My mother’s last birthday present to me was a box set. What can I say, the woman knows me well. Probably because I had been going on and on about Shane Meadows and This is England. So now I own a box set of his films called This is Shane Meadows and it includes all of his feature films as well as some wonderful bonus material. Read the rest of this entry »

A few months ago I came across a Sweeney Todd poster in a film magazine, and being a huge Tim Burton and Johnny Depp fan it went straight on the wall. Even though I had been thoroughly disappointed by pretty much everything he had done since Big Fish, I assumed that Tim+Johnny+Helena+Blood+Musical would most definitely equal success. So after dragging 5 of my friends to the cinema to watch Sweeney Todd I went straight home and literally tore the poster off the wall. Read the rest of this entry »