News has it that the band Boyzone decided to make a movie about themselves. They want to create a story based on their life as a band, with how they reached the stars, what happened why they ended up going solo and how they reunited and made a comeback.

News has it that they are actually starting on their movie, not sure whether they already started filming the movie or they just started brainstorming as to how the movie must be like. Now, the question is, will the movie become a hit just like the songs from Boyzone or will this just become a flop and will turn their popularity upside down? We can not speculate as of the moment but Ronan Keating wanted the movie to be very funny perhaps to attract more viewers. Come on, a real life story about a band doesn’t seem too appealing if it’s a drama story when we haven’t even heard of a sad news about the band for real, right?

They asked Cecilia Ahern who wrote the movie “P.S. I Love You”, where Hillary Swank starred in, to also write their script. The P.S. I love you movie was a blockbuster hit and Cecilia Ahern is an Irish novelist. Ronan Keating wants a “pure Irish” film and they have already briefed Cecilia about what they want for their movie.

With many years that Boyzone had made beautiful songs that hit the airwaves, we have grown to love them and admire them for their friendship and bond with each other and of course with their great songs. Hopefully, this movie will make us reminisce the past and hear their old but beautiful songs again.

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