Cannes Film Festival is one of the most glamorous celebrity events of the year. Set in the South of France, the location alone makes it seem more alluring than the usual LA hotspots.

However, this year it would seem that some of the celebrities attending the event carried a bit of a question mark when it came to identifying the purpose of their appearance. Expected attendees included Hollywood elites, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman and Tilda Swinton to name but a few! But as the event progressed it became noticeable that more and more ‘non-acting’ celebrities were joining the red carpets and participating in the after parties.

The likes of Cheryl Cole and ‘Made in Chelsea’ star Kimberley Garner somehow made it onto some of the red carpets and into the film premiers. They left everyone guessing as to why they were there and who exactly was expecting them!

Cara Delevigne was one of the most snapped celebrities on the red carpet, and was one of the lucky celebs to wear some of the Chopard jewellery pieces that sponsored the event, however, whether she was just used to model their range and help increase PR around the brand during the event, we’ll never know!

Cannes Film Festival really is one of the more exclusive events in the film calendar, with celebrities arriving on private yachts and taking over the entire town, but as this year showed, it seems to be a more open invite of late, with celebrities from all realms making an appearance to show their worth!

Whilst the actors attending the event are there to showcase their latest work and promote to the masses, it would seem that these non-acting celebs are just trying their best to maintain their A-list status and be photographed by the world’s media. I guess you could call it a modern day attempt at ‘keeping up with the Joneses’!

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