Zombieland is a horror comedy flick that is sure to tickle your funny bone. The characters in this movie are doing the strangest things despite their situation. The situation is, they are just 4 of the very few survivors of the virus that turns humans into zombies.


The first characters in the movie are Columbus and Tallahassee. Columbus wanted to go back to Columbus, Ohio to find his parents and see if they are alive. On his way, he met Tallahassee who agreed to give him a ride while fighting off zombies. Then they met 2 girls named Wichita and Little Rock. The 2 girls took all their weapons and the car and drove off heading to Los Angeles. Eventually, the 2 guys found a Hummer and a bag with guns and headed to find the 2 girls to seek revenge. Eventually they found Bill Murray who also escaped the zombies by pretending to be one of them. They then mistakenly killed Bill Murray too and the 2 girls went out to find an amusement park.

The 2 girls enjoyed the rides there which got the attention of the zombies. If you watch this movie, you’d wonder why on Earth they would want to ride the amusement rides knowing there are zombies everywhere. The 2 guys acted like saviours and managed to save the 2 girls. But, this meant that Columbus would have to face his greatest fear: clowns! Columbus also makes a list of rules for surviving zombies with commandments such as: beware of bathrooms, wear seatbelts, Bounty paper towels or check the bacl seat.

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