This is one of Ben Stiller’s great movies and it’s worth watching whenever you get bored and just want to watch a fun movie at home. The Night at the Museum is a movie for kids and adults alike. It has a great message too!

Ben Stiller’s character, Larry Daley was desperately in need of a job so he won’t leave for his son’s sake. He didn’t have a good resume but because of his situation, the woman who was about to give him a job gave him the address of the museum that was looking for a night watcher.

He went there and got hired so he became the night watcher guy for the Museum of Natural History. Little did he know that he was in for a big surprise. All the displays come to life at night. He noticed the dinosaur was gone and when he tried to look for it, it was there drinking water from the water fountain. It was a total chaos!

The movie is so much fun! Other characters such as President Roosevelt, Pocahontas and the little people give so much life into the movie. Especially with the love story behind Mr. Roosevelt and Pocahontas.

In the end, Larry’s son Nick was so proud of his father and he comes and visits the Museum every now and then and enjoy the party. Who would have thought the museum is a lot more fun to visit at night?

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