Television is a big industry. It has been a big industry for years and chances are very good that it will continue to be a big industry for some time to come. However, one aspect of television that seems to be going downhill these days is the sitcom category and since sitcoms form a large part of the demand for television in the first place, the poor performance of modern sitcoms in relationship to their counterparts from other areas can be directly tied to the poor performance of television overall.

Consider the television of the 1990s. There were sitcoms like Seinfeld and Friends on during that period of time and both sitcoms were enormously successful on a scale that no modern sitcoms really seem to have the ability to match. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is another good example of a sitcom from that period of time that was hilarious at the same time that it was thought-provoking. The episode where Will and Carlton get into drug problems is a particularly memorable one and it seems as though the sheer raw emotion mixed with humour that a lot of these sitcoms brought to the table is really lost on sitcoms of the modern era such as King of Queens or Two and a Half Men.

To a large degree, sitcoms in the modern era have been replaced by reality television shows. These shows, while attracting a lot of viewers, at the same time do not really make people confident in the human race because they often cover people that blow up and throw temper tantrums over events that are ultimately insignificant even in the game that they are playing. For this reason, many of us that remember the 90s fondly feel that television has gone downhill since the new millennium started.

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