Steven Spielberg is always associated with multi-million budget films that aim to wow the audience right from the start. Even if he wants to be emotional, he always do it with a bang. It’s hard to remember the last time he got himself drowned at work for a small budget film.

Will Smith on the other hand also has the same caliber when it comes to making blockbuster films. As the Independence Day guy, his consecutive success in movies every Independence Day has made him one of the most recognized actors today.

But both of them are trying or is looking out to do something really out of their reputation. Steven Spielberg is reportedly considering to remake a relatively popular movie entitled Oldboy. To add the oddity to the report, he is now considering Will Smith to be part of the project wherein Will Smith could most likely get the lead character.

Oldboy is a relatively popular Korean movie that features a character named Dae-Su. This type of movie weaves together emotions and violence as this 2003 movie shows the man out for revenge. The reason? He was not able to get out of a hotel room for 15 years. The original movie of Chan-Wook Park is very violent but it gives the audience the perspective of what goes on inside the mind of the main character.

This movie would prove to be a great challenge for Steven Spielberg in case he takes this project. Will Smith will also have the time of his life trying to be the psychopath out for revenge.

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    Not a good idea indeed…

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