The 60s in films is considered as one of the best decades in film because of the revolutionary ideas that were presented for the first time. Leading the movement to impressive films in the 60s are three film directors from UK: David Lean, John Schlesinger and Guy Hamilton. Each of the film directors has made something unique that made lasting impression on the film industry.

Sir David Lean CBE – Powerful Blockbuster Films

David Lean

Sir David Lean will always be known for his iconic films: the Bridge over River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago. These films were made from the late 50s to the 60s. His biggest influence in films is his ability to handle big budget films with ease while presenting them as a work of art rather than something to amaze the audience.

John Richard Schlesinger – Pushing the Envelope in Film Making

John Schlesinger’s films during the 60s are something that every filmmaker should take a closer look. Although his films do not offer the unique complexity of filmmaking, he is known for tackling different types of subjects with ease. His first film during the 60s is “Darling” which is actually a movie that chronicles the swinging lifestyle in London. His other films “Far from the Maddening Crowd” and “Midnight Cowboy” which garnered international attention.

Guy Hamilton – James Bond Director and More

Guy Hamilton’s work on James Bond’s “Goldfinger” has practically cemented his identity as a magnificent film director. Complementing his films during the 60s is: “The Best of Enemies”, “Man in the Middle”, “The Party’s Over”, “Funeral in Berlin” and “Battle of Britain”.

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