Many of the horror movies today are fun to watch only during the holiday season. These movies are a little bit scary but ultimately amusing. They provide some type of entertainment with few bits of horror along the way.

On the other hand, there are horror films that withstood the test of time. These are horror films that can give chills and entertainment any time of the year.

10. SAW – The movie franchise that started “torture porn”. Although the story gets a little bit tired in the later sequels, the gripping scenes are still there.

9. REC – This Spanish movie disguised as news is one of the most chilling films of modern movies. The fact that it was remade for American viewers is a testament of its quality.

8. The Others – The acting chops of Nicole Kidman is in full display of the film. Complement her acting with superb writing and unique twist in the end, you easily get a good horror movie.

7. Alien – Sigourney Weaver’s Alien is a thrilling ride of suspense perfectly blending with Sci-Fi.

6. Scream – It doesn’t have the raw emotions just like in Alien and The Others but the Scream franchise perfectly chronicles the twists and turns they also experience.

5. Psycho – The title alone could send chills to any movie fan. The great thing about Psycho is that it’s so effortless that the thrilling story just unfolds without pushing anything.

4. The Shining – Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is the perfect example on how the plot should unfold. It’s very simple but you slowly see the transformation of Jack Nicholson in a very natural way.

3. Silence of the Lambs – Anthony Hopkins only appeared in the film for a few minutes but he has practically commandeered the movie because of his eerie portrayal of the murderous character.

2. The Exorcist – Horror movies with supernatural element is always a big hit. But only a handful of them could rival the cult classic.

1. Night of the Living Dead – The Zombie film that pushes the envelope. It’s visually stunning and the plot twists gives the film enough excitement and scare.

Do you agree with the top 10? Let us know which films you think should have made the list in the comments below;

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