Mamma Mia is a feel-good movie with lots of singing and dancing but although it is a musical, there is still a funny story behind it. All the songs sang in the movie are all from the famous pop group ABBA while there are some additional music there too as composed by Benny Anderson who was also a member of ABBA.

The story rotates around Donna Sheridan portrayed by Meryl Streep, Sophie portrayed by Amanda Seyfried and how Sophie was trying to find her real father. She was about to get married and she was in the quest to find who her real father is and she sent 3 invitations to the 3 men who he suspects could be her father. She read her mom’s diary and learned about them. After sending the invitation, they came but Sophie wanted to keep it a secret to her mother so she could surprise her but of course, eventually Donna found all 3 of them and was shocked and the story just started from there.

It’s funny how in the end it wasn’t Sophie who ended up getting married but Donna did. It reminds me of a similar scene from Princess Diaries 2 when the queen got married during the ceremony that was intended for her daughter.

It’s amazing how they used several ABBA songs throughout the movie and they did not just sing these songs for the heck of it but the songs are actually just perfect for the scenes! It’s brilliant and it will give you a hell of a great time watching it.

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