The Tornado! Several important artifacts had been stolen and the only thing that they found was a letter with the word “the tornado” written in it. That’s the name for a thief that plots on stealing all these artifacts and who do you run for help? Inspector Clouseau???

Basically, the movie is not as great as what it should be. It is just not my cup of tea, maybe, but for some it’s worth a laugh or two. The movie is basically a slapstick movie that could be fun at times and quite boring the next. Would you like to watch it again? Afraid not. It’s a comedy crime caper movie with some good names as its stars especially with Steve Martin playing the Inspector Clouseau character.

Sadly, the movie did not get very good reviews. It’s like a sad impression of a one-man 3 stooges with all these slapstick acts that doesn’t seem all that entertaining in our era today. Only a small audience would still want to see Steve Martin fall and trip over and find it funny.

It’s a sequel to Pink Panther 1 which also stars Steve Martin and is a remake of the old Pink Panther movie. Many are shocked that there was actually a sequel to Pink Panther 1 but hey, you just get surprises all the time.

The movie is not for the squeamish people who easily gags or cringe as you’ll surely be cringing many times during this movie.

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