Once is an independent film shot in Ireland on a low budget. When a person hears those words they tend to think about indie films but in order to see just how low the budget for Once is you really need to watch the movie. There are scenes that are shot in such an amateurish way that it really does seem as though they were working with practically nothing in their budget.

In spite of those financial issues surrounding the release of the film, Once tells an interesting story of a man and a woman as they attempt to create a series of spontaneous songs that they then lay down into tracks over the course of a weekend of all-nighters.

It is a very nice story that makes you feel good to watch it and for that reason Once is definitely a good choice for a movie to watch if you want to have a warm feeling inside at the end of it.

When it comes right down to it, the story is really the only thing the movie has going for it. As previously mentioned the camera work is very low budget and the screenplay is not particularly impressive.

The performances by the actors are not really that impressive either, although they are neither bad nor good. Overall, the story carries the movie from start to finish as it reminds us all of that one dream we’d really love to carry through and what we would do if we had a week to make it come true.

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