Warrior is one of the most surprising films in 2011. The trailer and posters can easily give you the impression that it’s just another film that takes advantage of the increasing popularity of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). The actors are not even popular (Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy) with only Nick Nolte being a recognizable actor.

But Warrior is actually a very well made film. It’s a story about two brothers who ultimately have to face each other in the octagon. Each fighter has something to prove and winning is the only way to get to their objective. Along the way, they go through different challenges and each of them overcomes these challenges. Although there are some difficulties in these challenges, they ultimately beat everyone in the end. Of course, as an action film, it’s expected that they fight their way through to get to their objective.

Warrior is an action film but with a heart. Nick Nolte is someone you expect to perform and he does with ease. But instead of taking the center stage, he allows the two main characters to become the real star of the show. Nick Nolte plays the father of the two main characters. Think of his role as Rocky’s Mickey who trains the fighters to reach their potential.

Although the end is a little bit cheesy for some, the emotional ride is still worth it. It’s a great action film that comes with a flair of drama and there are lots of action scenes that will easily entertain action film buffs.

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