Rowan Atkinson is back with “Johnny English 2”. For the unfamiliar, the movie is practically a spoof of all major spy films with a twist and that twist is the main character himself. Rowan Atkinson’s flavor of comedy is really unique that the film is almost useless without him.

The plot of the film is almost unexpected except for its setting. It is a direct follow-up of the first movie but he opted to hone his training somewhere in Asia instead of the traditional grounds of MI7.

The fact that Rowan Atkinson made this film special doesn’t mean his co-stars are just 2nd rate actors. Some popular actors such as Gillian Anderson, Rosamund Pike and Dominic West have been part of the movie and their performance is noteworthy. It’s actually very hard to imagine having a straight face while the great Atkinson makes his trademark awkward antics.

The movie doesn’t attract a lot of attention or even praise from well-known critics. But the movie is not trying to be Oscar-worthy or something that wants to get the attention of film experts. It’s actually a movie made for fans of Rowan Atkinson. If you’ve seen any of the “Mr. Bean” episodes and learns to appreciate its goofy humor, this film is perfect for you.

Although the film is a sequel, it’s not a requirement that you have to see the first film. It’s almost similar to Charlie Sheen’s spy comedy “Hot Shots” since you can enjoy the film without really caring about the plot progression and even acting since the film is funny enough to be fully appreciated.

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