I remember watching this film back in June of last year together with my boyfriend. I was giggling the whole time while my boyfriend doesn’t seem to get the story very well. Well, I find this movie to be so romantic but I definitely don’t want to be in this woman’s shoes. After all, it’s so hard to be in love with a man who only sees you as a friend and goes out and sleeps with as many women as he can.

Movie Storyline

Well, the story goes like this. There’s Hannah who is Tom’s best friend. She secretly loves Tom but Tom only sees her as his best friend. When Hannah left to Ireland for 6 weeks, Tom realized that he can not live without Hannah and he finally understood what he actually felt for her.

Tom also loved Hannah and when he finally figured out his true feelings for her, she already got engaged to another man from Ireland who is of noble blood. Hannah asked him to be his male maid of honor and Tom agrees just so he could win her back somehow. This is where the fiasco started as he tries to win her love for him.

Finally, he confessed his love for her only to see her face starting to look confused. She waited for this day to happen but not when she already fell for another guy. She didn’t accept his love but he was so determined to win her back and on her wedding day, while riding a horse, he managed to win his place in her heart.

Feel Good Movie Vibes

This is not just a chick flick, it is so much more than that. It’s a nice feel-good movie and I love watching it over and over again.

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