I was in the mood for a funny, yet romantic movie and I decided to watch Bride Wars, a movie about two best friends who ended up fighting before their wedding day.

The movie stars Anne Hathaway as Emma and Kate Hudson as Liv. They were best friends since childhood and they both dreamt of getting married at the Plaza Hotel on the month of June. At the age of 26, they both got a wedding proposal and finally, their dream can come true!

They went to the most successful and sought-after wedding coordinator in Manhattan and had them booked for the Plaza in June. Unfortunately, they ended up having their wedding day on the same day so they can’t be each other’s maid of honor.

This triggered them to challenge their friendship and became each other’s mortal enemy by dying the other girl’s hair blue and changing the tan color to pumpkin red with the other one and so on.

Eventually, they realize how much their friendship meant to each other and started to miss the friend they were so angry with. As the story goes, during the wedding there was chaos and they fought like toddlers but this only made Emma realize that she is marrying a man that is not meant for her.

At the end of the story, they both reconciled and became the best friends that they once were. I find the story kind of odd though since there’s really no reason why they had to fight like that if they were indeed true best friends. But, that’s what made the movie fun to watch so I had nothing to complain. It’s a nice movie but not award-winning.

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