After the phenomenal popularity of Titanic, now Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are back together in a great film. Revolutionary Road is set, once again not in our time just like Titanic was set in the early 1900. The movie is set in 1955. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Frank while Kate Winslet plays April Wheeler. They are a couple who had been married for 7 years. To some they look like a happy couple; Frank has a job in New York City while April was a good housewife but they both know how terribly unhappy they are. Frank was unhappy with the kind of job he has and April is unhappy that she did not pursue her acting career. Both have regrets but instead of continuing the kind of life they have, April suggested on moving to France and start a new life there. Eventually Frank agreed with April’s plan.

April was going to earn money working for an international organization while Frank tries to find what his passion really is. Eventually, the events that transpired is something they have not planned.

The movie is award-winning. It received numerous awards and nominations. Kate Winslet received several Best Actress nominations and awards while Leonardo did not receive the same amount of recognition for his role. He was nominated for Best Actor in a motion picture in Golden Globe but had not won. The rest of the cast and crew has also received numerous awards.

All in all, the movie is a success and it brings back the good ol’ love team that we loved in Titanic.

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