I was in the mood to watch an action flick the other day so I decided to watch Eagle Eye which stars my current crush, “not too geeky, not too hunky” Shia LaBeouf, who I’ve been watching ever since his Even Steven days.

Shia stars as Jerry, a copy machine hub employee, and Michelle Monaghan as Rachel who is a doting single mom. Both have their separate worlds but then one day their fates are intertwined by a mysterious phone call from a woman. The movie starts with the military spying on a suspected terrorist and making a mistake when they kill innocent people. This led to a strike back from the other country’s armed forces.

Action Movie At Its Best

The scene then focuses on Jerry who soon finds himself in a terrible predicament after his almost perfect, overachiever twin brother dies. He suddenly had a lot of money in his penniless bank account, a roomful of weapons was delivered to his apartment and then a phone call from a very mysterious woman warned him about the police coming to arrest him. Rachel on the other hand has no other choice but to follow as well because the woman on the other line said that her son is being held hostage and will die if she doesn’t follow immediately.

As the story goes on, Jerry and Rachel follow the baffling voice that seems to know and see everything.

It Is Worth Watching

It’s a thrilling movie that will have you gripping your seat. Though the end may be a bit open-ended, it leaves a lot to the imagination and I must say that I absolutely loved it.

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  • Rupert Tyme
    On 16/03/2009 5:46 pm 0Likes

    I really enjoyed Eagle Eye, the film mixed shia’s great acting with an interesting US based plot, worth watching.

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