We Are What We Are (Somos Lo Que Hay) is a Mexican horror film written and directed by Jorge Michel Grau. This is his first feature film and from the looks of the movie, he is set to do more horror films as this offers a very haunting take on macabre. Instead of focusing on the victims running away from the culprits, the movie focuses on the culprits themselves.

The plot of the movie is not for the faint of heart – the father just passed away (gruesomely) so it’s up to the grieving family to look for their source of sustenance. The twist is that the family are actually cannibals. The son opted to take over the role as the provider where he ultimately targets prostitutes as their food.

Like most modern horror films, the movie banks on the gruesomeness of the act. But it’s not like Hostel where the story revolves around torture. It’s a movie that takes a look at the twisted family and the implications of their lifestyle. The moral grounds are questioned and the idea of survival within the family is pushed to the limit.

The backdrop of the film perfectly complements the setting. The government who doesn’t really care about what happens to its people, prostitution going out of control and poverty that seems to push everyone to the limit. It’s a dog-eat-dog world with the main cast going after humans.

Fans of horror and the macabre will certainly enjoy the movie. The squeamish will be challenged but those who will stay (or at least cover their eyes) will be certainly rewarded with a great story.

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