This is definitely the best Ice Age sequel ever and you’d surely laugh your hearts out from the beginning up to the very end as our wacky favorite characters such as Sid, Diego, Manfred and Ellie are out for another awesome adventure.

The movie begins with Manfred and Ellie expecting a baby and Diego felt that the two has a different priority now and their herd is no longer as special as it was before. He decided to leave the group and go solo even when he no longer can run after his prey as he gets exhausted quickly. The very innocent Sid, on the other hand, had discovered three huge eggs and thought of keeping them as he thought they were left by their mom. Manfred demanded that he returns the eggs as Sid is not their real mommy. It’s too late though as the 3 young dinosaurs had already hatched out of their eggs and thought that Sid is their real mommy.

The real mommy of the 3 dinosaurs had then looked for them and took Sid as a hostage which then led the other characters to discover a lost world of the Dinosaurs that was just underneath the ice. There they met Buck, a one-eyed weasel who helped them save Sid.

It’s one funny scene after another and it’s one great movie to watch with friends or family. All in all an A+!

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