Zac Efron stars in this movie and he actually did a really good job with the character. This is not a musical but a heart-warming story with a nice ending that’s worth watching especially if you’re in the mood for some romantic movies.

The story revolves around the life of Mike O’ Donnell whose life didn’t really turn out the way he would have wanted it to. When he was 17, he was a great basketball player and was very popular. It’s similar to the High School Musical character that Zac Efron also plays but this one is not the high school flick that you may think it would be. In the story, Mike O’Donnell was sure to get a college scholarship if he played well on that last game where college scouts are checking him but it was also at this moment that he found out that the love of his life, Scarlett, is pregnant. During the game, the thought of Scarlett clouded his mind and he decided to leave everything behind to be with his kid and Scarlett.

Well, sounds like a sweet ending but it was only the beginning of his sad life. He wasn’t happy with his decision and he kept blaming his wife for the mess of a life he is living in. That’s when they were supposed to get a divorce. Mike went back to his old school where his daughter and son goes to school to. Here he met the janitor who turned out to be a guardian. Eventually he was turned back to the 17 year old kid that he used to be but he was the only one who turned back to 17 while everyone else are just the same.

During the movie, Mike went to school and eventually learned something about his life that will surely touch moviegoer’s hearts.

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