This movie was released on August 7 2009 and it stars the ever-graceful Meryl Streep as Julia Child and Amy Adams star as Julie Powell. This is a biography movie with a bit of drama, romance and some comedy too. It’s a great movie to watch.

Acting Masterclass

Basically, the story is about 2 women named Julia Child and Julie Powell. Both are from different times –  Julia Child is from the past and Julie Powell is from today’s time. Both of them had written memoirs about their lives and their lives had intertwined although separated by time.

The famous tag line from this movie is “Passion, ambition, butter. Do you have what it takes?” Obviously the movie has something to do with cooking and both had realized that anything is truly possible if you have the fearlessness and the passion for it and also if you have what it takes.

The movie showcases the acting skills of Meryl Streep. She is indeed a fine actress that we should see more often in movies. Actually, in the movie you’d feel like she’s indeed a 6 footer woman although she is only 5’6” in real life. Julia Child’s height is 6’2” so the film made sure that Meryl would look the part and gracefully she did with high heels and some great camera angles.

All in all, this movie is a great movie for lovers of cooking and memoirs. You’ll learn a lot about life from these two women.

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