Limitless Film Review

Limitless starts with a very interesting premise that immediately hooks the viewer. What if you could extend the capability of your memory? Instead of a mere 20%, what if you could use 100% of your brain’s capability? The movie then tries to answer the question with a little bit of side story.

Bradly Cooper stars as Eddie Mora and he plays the part of a run down, stuck-in-a-rut writer but after taking the pill he extends his brain functionality. His role somehow reminds the audience of his “Hangover” role where he oozes confidence as he can easily command the scene. All other characters simply complement the events and situations.

Unfortunately, Robert De Niro is part of the cast that simply complements Eddie’s journey. Although he’s one of the main characters with decisions that could affect the outcome of the story, viewers will simply see him as a pawn for something bigger. Anyone could have been chosen for the part and the result would have still been the same. The side story of the film is about a murder. While this provides an interesting twist in the story, the film could easily have not included the incident.

Overall, Limitless is a good film due to its interesting plot, Bradly Cooper’s performance and the addition of visual effects. Director Neil Burger didn’t push for excessive visual side effects which perfectly work for the film. This story warrants something raw and the visual effects simply made the film look better.

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