alice in wonderland

Learning that Tim Burton’s next film is his very own interpretation of Alice in Wonderland does not come as a surprise. How could such a milestone of fantasy literature and film production not inspire one of the most creative and imaginative minds of Hollywood?

Burton’s story could be considered half a remake and half a sequel of the original one, since the protagonist here is an 18 year old Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska), who does not remember her past wonder adventures but will re-live the fantastic journey and encounter all of the iconic characters who have populated this amazing tale.

Nonetheless, the director has declared his intention is to thoroughly recreate the sacred spirit of the story and, unlike all his previous movies, make it perfetely consistent with Lewis Caroll’s work. Other actors in the new movies’ cast are: the unfailing Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, Michael Sheen as the White Rabbit, Stephen Fry as the Cheshire Cat, Christopher Lee as the Jabberwock and Anne Hathaway as the White Queen.

A Classic Movie

The movie is to be released in March. In the meantime, Walt Disney is marketing the product in true wonderland style by sending to several film journalists mysterious parcels with a really unusual copy of the novel Alice in Wonderland: a sort of Chinese box made of books of different dimensions with images of the upcoming Burton’s film.

At the heart of the boxes, a USB pen drive with the script “Read me “ and “This key will lead you beyond the gate of Wonderland”…

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