This is a vampire movie that does not follow with the traditional belief we have about vampires. It wants to go away from the usual and create a new version of how vampires come to be. Although vampires are indeed fiction but they want to make the vampires seem real with how they blend it in the story as if the vampires are from another dimension and they thrive by the blood of their victims so they can cross over into our realm.

In the story, the young artist named Sai was seduced by a foreigner to try a drug that has long been forgotten which is heated up and the fume is inhaled. Once inhaled, the person would suddenly turn into a blood-hungry vampire. In the movie, you’d notice that they still depicted the vampire as seductive and captivating and mysterious and the other characters are quite attractive, especially Sai who is played by Sarah Farooqui.

The movie is striving and you would appreciate the effort and the new idea that they wanted to set forth but something is lacking that makes it not the best vampire movie that it wants to be. First of all, there is lack of budget and you would notice this with how the movie was created. You’ll find flaws with the editing and it’s under the category of a cheap flick.

If I need to rate this movie, I would say it’s a 4/10 because it does not really captivate you and can get a bit boring. It’s still a 4 because of the hot actors especially Sarah Farooqui.

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