Around the world, many immigrants want to come and be a part of the United States. Los Angeles, for instance, is said to be one of the most favorite city for immigrants. This movie deals with immigration laws and enforcement in the country.

Top Cast

The movie has top actors in its cast including Harrison Ford who plays Max Brogan an Immigrant & Customs Enforcement Agent who gets to sympathize and feel for the people who should be deported for illegal immigration. Ray Liotta plays Cole Frankle who abuses his position as the one who approves for green cards and had forced a model from Australia named Clair Shepard starred by Alice Eve to do things as a compromise.

And of course Ashley Judd as Denise Frankel who is a defense lawyer who had done some deportation including that of a family with a 15 years old child that had been accused to have some ties with terrorism and that of a family of an orphan.

This movie does not just run on 1 story line but the multiple stories come together in just one theme which is immigration to the United States particularly the illegal immigrants. It’s a well-thought movie and the script is actually pretty good. Wayne Kramer, the director and also the writer did a pretty good job with this movie. It’s a good movie to watch and I recommend it.

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