Anyone who has seen the Final Destination movies could tell they are full of blood and gore.

Basically, the theme of the story is still the same as the previous Final Destination movies but you have been warned by previous films and you know what to expect. Basically, the lead actor would be having a premonition of an accident and then later wakes up from that dream and realises everything’s happening the way he dreamt it.

In this movie, the lead character is Nick O’Bannon. He had a premonition during the race car show that there will be a race-car crash. In his dreams the accident was horrific and a lot of people lost their lives. One had been decapitated while others had either been burned or crashed in the stampede or poked by falling debris. Upon waking up from that dream, Nick realize that his dream seems to be coming true and started to panic.

The people who were involved in the dream accident  had all left the accident area and then heard about the accident that had happened. However, death won’t give up easy and will search for them and claim their lives.

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