If you have watched the first Halloween then you already know what to expect from this second film – a lot of stabbing and blood. Even if you haven’t watched the first movie you would still be able to keep track with the story through Laurie’s recollection and flashbacks.

In this movie, Laurie’s brother Michael Myers was actually alive contrary to the first film where she thought she already killed him. Michael Myers was on a killing spree and killed several people in Haddonfield, Illinois. Laurie was taken to a hospital but wasn’t able to stay there for long because the living Michael came back and killed everyone in that hospital in search of his sister.

She survived the massacre but even after some years she still couldn’t get over the trauma. Still hoping that it was all over… But, it really wasn’t over and the bloodbath continues.

Michael Myers came back to Haddonfield just in time for the anniversary of his massacres and he had a plan. Of course, he planned to do more murdering and butchering again with the quest to get his sister all for himself. Halloween 2 had an overall approval of 20% from Rotten Tomatoes critics.

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