Eric Bana plays Henry DeTamble, a librarian who has this very strange gene that causes him to travel back and forth in time involuntarily.

Rachel McAdams plays Clare Abshire, the woman who fell in love with Henry and became his wife even though they get to be apart because of his rare time travelling condition.

This movie is really about love and what its deepest meanings. It can be related to our own lives and how we love another with no condition. How can we beat the love of Clare for Henry when she had to build her life with him even though he goes time travelling involuntarily and leaves her behind?

It sounds a bit strange and this type of love affair is impossible but the movie shows heart – a lot of it! And you just can’t help but feel so in love with the movie and how you could possibly relate to their love affair. Indeed, love knows no boundaries and this movie shows what that truly means.

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