A movie with Julia Roberts, Ryan Reynolds and many others. The story is like an autobiography that centers in the role of Ryan Reynold’s Michael Waechter. Michael is the son of Charles Waechter, who is an insecure man who does not know how to be a father to Michael.

Michael was beaten up and emotionally tortured by his father. His mother tried to protect Michael but was not really able to protect him much. The story was set at the time when Julia’s character, Lisa, was going to her graduation.

She died in a car accident and the graduation party turned to her wake. Michael recollected on his past during the event and you could really get drawn into the story as you feel pity for that little boy who was in need of love and acceptance from his father but never really got it.

The relationship between father and son was bruised and I can’t help but wonder why his sister, Ryne Waechter, seemed to have a good relationship with their father. Michael had a book that was about to be published and her aunt, Jane Lawrence, said it will reveal a secret. Up to the end of the story though, I am still dumbfounded as to what the book really had to say.

Perhaps it’s with what he experienced with his dad or maybe there is something more in it. The ending of the movie is just disappointing. He just went home… Nothing too special! Just when you think there’s a big reveal, you’d just be disappointed to learn that there really was none. I would still recommend this movie though.

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