The King’s Speech is an award-winning film about King George VI. Directed by Tom Hooper, the film features Colin Firth as King George VI and Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue – the eccentric speech therapist who helped King George VI overcome his speech impediment. The role of Logue was included in the film due to his effect on King George VI and his role in inspiring the country during the 2nd World War. The King’s Speech won Best Picture in the 83rd Academy awards as well as Best Director and Best Actor.

At first glance, it is very easy to dismiss the film as another historical drama with nothing to offer for those that aren’t interested in period pieces. But for those who were adventurous enough to go through the film, they will be entertained not only by the historical portrayal of the current Queen’s (Queen Elizabeth II) father but also for the pieces humor. Colin Firth plays the role of a commanding king with ease but he also has the ability to break down and shows his versatility throughout the piece. His portrayal of the King is not just someone who is aloof of reality but someone who stays on the ground to see everything happening around him.

The main reason for The King’s Speech’s success and why it won the Best Picture award is the additional cast and the impeccable unfolding of events. Helena Bonham Carter, who plays the King’s wife and Geoffrey Rush are always entertaining. It is expected that Ms. Carter will give an amazing performance because of the genre but Geoffrey Rush surprised everyone with his amazing portrayal of the speech therapist.

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