I’ve been a Dragonball fan for many years and it got me so excited when I first found out that a Dragonball movie would be released in 2009. As much as I anticipated the movie, it really didn’t make me happy at all. First of all, Goku should be Japanese and it saddens me that an American actually starred as Goku! Justin Chatwin does not look like Goku at all and it just upsets a lot of Dragonball Goku fans.

The movie starts when Goku’s adoptive granddad, Gohan, is dying and requested Goku to seek out the 7 Dragon Balls before the great Master Roshi does. Goku already has 1 and he has to protect it with his dear life so that Master Roshi won’t ever get hold of it or else he would take over the world.

The Dragonball Evolution movie is quite good as long as you don’t think about the characters. It could have gotten better and there’s so much potential in this movie that millions of Dragonball fans would pay more just to get a very good movie that is worth the iconic Dragonball that we loved since we were young. Unfortunately, it can’t pass the taste of authentic Dragonball fans but still it’s a good movie to watch when you just want to pass the time and have some fun.

You’d be sad to know that some Dragonball characters are also not part of this movie. Maybe if there will be a sequel, characters such as Oolong would be seen.

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