This film is a retelling of the interview between the deposed President Mr. Richard Nixon and the television talk show host Mr. David Frost after 3 years that President Nixon was put out of office.

In the movie you will hear the one on one interview with the President about the scandal that he faced when he was the President, especially the Watergate scandal. Nixon agreed to an interview in the hopes that he could put out a good fight with David Frost and make the televiewers think that he is not at all guilty and gain back the respect of the people. Of course, the additional $600,000 fee is also a bit handy.

Nixon thought it’s not going to be a difficult interview since David Frost is not known to be a political investigative interviewer but he is rather into the entertainment style of interviewing his guests. Frost hired some extra help so he could ask straight on some of the very tough questions on former President Richard Nixon.

What to expect? Finally, the ever-so-quiet former President had finally admitted his guilt through the interview after being asked a series of difficult questions that were really aimed to make him finally tell the truth.

It’s a great movie to watch if you want to learn the truth about what happened at that time. They did a good job with this movie and it deserves applause.

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