This movie is low-budget but the cast is actually pretty good. I don’t know the actors very well as they are not so popular but they are a deserving cast unfortunately, the movie just really isn’t that good at all. In fact, it’s just not good.

The plot for the movie is a bit overused but I think no matter how overused a plot is, as long as you know how to make your own mark with it then it would seem original. The movie is about a big bag of money which was unclaimed. 5 people’s lives were the main focus for the movie and how they will do things just to get the bag of money. Eventually, the fight for cash became deadly and they started to be greedy and doing terrible things just to get the money.

It’s like a game of who stands last. The person who stands last wins! Just in this case, those who lose actually lose their lives.

It’s a great movie! Oh, well, it really isn’t. It’s up to you if you would watch this movie but you may end up wanting your time back. I would say the movie had potential but it just really didn’t grab that. It’s unfortunate but the director could have done a better job. You don’t need to have a big budget to make a decent movie.

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