One Day is a film adapted from a bestselling novel with the same title. The film follows the meeting of two characters, Emma played by Anne Hathaway and Dexter played by Jim Sturgess. The plot is actually very unique: the film chronicles the interaction of two characters meeting every July 15 for twenty years. This means the film basically chronicles the twenty meeting of the characters.

The plot of the film alone could easily grab the attention of serious movie goers. Imagining how the director (Lone Scherfig) would work on such a challenging plot is already an interesting talking point.

The film is laudable because of its picturesque settings and must-listen dialogue between two characters. Jim Sturgess easily made the film his own due to his ability to carry the very challenging character. Although Anne Hathaway is impressive in the film as she tries to work as Emma, there’s a strange feeling that something is amiss with the character. The reason could be Emma’s personality doesn’t really quite fit to Anne Hathaway’s aura. She’s good but it’s just not right.

Lone Scherfig created a good film out of the novel. Although there are some loose ends, it’s still a perfectly good date movie. The settings are amazing and you can’t ask for better supporting characters. Anne Hathaway has done a good job in the film but it’s all on Jim Sturgess if the movie gets a generally positive review. It’s a very challenging novel to adapt but it’s well done that any fan of the book should be impressed.

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