Rango Movie Review

Rango is an animated film about a green gecko and his role as the sheriff of “Dirt” town. At first glance, it’s a family film as it features a lovely green gecko character with the voice of Johnny Depp. But within the first few minutes of the film, any audience will understand that it’s not rated PG just for kicks. It’s actually a straight western movie with a few twists and jokes to make the movie appeal to kids.

The movie is such a great homage to western flicks it becomes a great film in itself. The green gecko accidentally becomes the town sheriff after a series of circumstances that make him appear to be a good fighter. The gecko has to deal with snakes, vultures and some of the townspeople who do not believe in him along with the town’s water problem.

Rango is first a movie for western fans and then a movie for kids. Adult film goers who have followed the industry can easily identify the homage’s made to past film and kids will simply love the main character. Other characters look dry and worn out but that should be expected since it’s a western film where water is increasingly scarce.

Maybe the reason for the film’s success is the exceptional understanding of Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp thanks to their prior collaboration. The story, animation and characters are carefully laid and Depp plays his role perfectly. The movie is also a perfect testament that movies don’t have to be in 3D to be successful.

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