This movie was released last October 16, 2009 but had been filmed 3 years ago with a very low budget. The movie stars who are now being called as 2 very famous unknown people Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat.


Basically, the movie is low budget but for it to have gained such a big impact in the movie industry means something and that’s the reason why I went out and watched the film myself. I must say, the movie will bring chills down your spine. It’s like a regular documentary of paranormal activities in Micah’s house and their effects are minimal but really well done. The scene where Katie was pulled out of their bed and dragged out of their room was fantastic. The ending was the movie’s climax too and it was quite simple but well made.

If you have no clue the actor’s are just acting, you’d probably think this documentary is really the real thing. They truly captured the heart of paranormal activities and that earned them millions of dollars. Kudos to the 2 geniuses for a wonderful job. They managed to beat other more expensively produced horror flicks such as Saw VI and Astroboy ranking number 2 at the box-office next to Michael Jackson’s This Is It movie tribute. It’s a great watch especially for Halloween so make sure you don’t forget to bring popcorns and enjoy the movie.

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