A movie that stars Grey’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl as a character named Abby who works as a producer and unfortunately is not very lucky in the romance department. Then there is the character of Gerard Butler, Mike Chadway who is a TV personality who promised his audience that he is going to spill all the ugly truths about what makes men & women tick. The two were teamed up by their boss and that’s when Abby is said to get an awakening.

A Perfect Movie for Romantics

The guy, Mike Chadway, is doing all sorts of antics so he could prove his theories about how men and women tick which eventually led to something else. Something that both of them did not expect at all.

Basically, this movie is another chick flick. Girlfriends should come and watch this film and have so much fun  while guys might get sleepy watching it. It’s a fun movie to watch but it’s nothing very special really. It’s just like any other chick flicks out there with heartwarming endings that is actually quite predictable since the start.

No spoilers here but it’s really a fun movie to watch. It’s not bad at all and Katherine Heigl is just outrageously beautiful in the film.

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