This movie  stars Max Records as Max. This young boy simply loves having fun but felt misunderstood by the world. One time, he got angry and bit his mom and he ran away and that’s the beginning of his amazing adventure.


Max ran away and reached the forest. He ran through the forest and at the edge, he found a small boat that he used to set sail out to sea. He then arrived to a very strange island where he met some very strange creatures that were arguing. There were the wild things and there’s another character named Carol. Carol was destroying the huts and the wild things were mad at him. Max joined him and destroyed the huts. The wild things were so mad at this intruder that they wanted to eat him. Then, Max told them he has super powers and he’s a king from where he came from.

Max was then crowned as their own king but eventually, the wild things and Carol figured out that he wasn’t a real king at all and that he doesn’t have super powers. They got mad at him which made him want to go back home. Carol was mad at him at first but later realized that Max was a good friend. The part where they had their farewell was a very touching scene.

All in all, this movie is recommended for kids and kids at heart.

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