Will Smith returns to the big screen with a movie a little different from the others. Whilst launching his career through TV comedy Will soon turned to action movies and he has been boring us since.

This time he gets to be Tim Thomas, a person troubled by what seems to be a recent accident in his life in which he lost a loved one. As the film unfolds, he embarks on a heroic quest to help other people. His exact motive becoming clearer but his methods wrapped in mystery.

The drama unfolds without giving away much. As you think you had it all figured out the ending shocks and disturbs making this a classic. Will Smith delivers the goods with his acting but he is being strongly supported by a fantastic script with a plot worthy of a police flick and good direction. Hi co-star Rosario Dawson is brilliant in her role yet again, her looks gone from a serious heart disease, she still manages to dominate the set and shine with her performance. There is enough action and urgency and the editing is mostly spot on as you reach climax.

Gabriele Muccino deserves full marks for directing a powerful, action driven but also very sensitive drama with strong feelings.

To our opinion a must see. If not on cinema, try it on DVD when it is out.

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  • Doris
    On 21/01/2009 5:04 pm 0Likes

    I should go and see this movie…

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