Fortunately, the movie features one of the best scripts we have seen in a while. The movie unfolds in front of the audience is a non-disruptive and easy-to-understand way. The movie provides enough clues for the audience to ponder but gives everyone a glimpse of the character’s psyche for them to understand what is going on.

One of the biggest challenges for X-Men: First Class is how to tell the story of different characters in such a short time. Of course, they only have to deal with a specific period of time to explain how they became mutants but it’s not a movie that only focuses on one character (just like Wolverine ). If you only have 90 minutes to tell the story of some of the iconic comic book characters, you better be ready with your storytelling skills.

The movie basically deals with one situation and one question for the mutants. Every mutant has to deal with its powers for the first time. The movie shows up how they try to have fun with what they have and moviegoers are taken for a ride along the way. The question “How can I use my power to do good for men?” ultimately leads the plot that unfolds in the later part of the movie.

Overall, X-Men: First Class will give comic books, animation and casual fans a very satisfying take on the humanity and power of the mutants. It’s a summer blockbuster movie that takes full advantage of story telling without alienating the blockbuster feel of the film.

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