Who doesn’t love Jackie Chan movies? Jackie Chan together with Jet Li equals a great and heart-pumping movie directed by Rob Minkoff.
The story begins when a young American boy became the protector of the legendary stick weapon that was said to be owned by the Monkey King.

It was kept by the Chinese pawnshop owner who was hurt after being attacked by young American looters. When the young American boy fell after being attacked, he woke up halfway across the world- in China!

He met Jackie Chan’s Character Lu Yan who helped him look for the Monkey King. Their journey was long and they met the Silent Monk and the Golden Sparrow during their journey and all 4 came to look for the stoned body of the Monkey King. Monkey King fought with the evil Jade Warlord and he loss after being tricked during their battle. The evil Jade Warlord heard about the 4’s quest and sent scores of warriors to stop them but they all could not match the 4’s fighting capacities.

Eventually, they found the stoned body of the Monkey King and much to Lu Yan’s surprise it was the Silent Monk who was actually the Monkey King. The Silent Monk was just a thread of hair of the Monkey King and he too was in search of his legendary stick.

The young boy who was an avid fan of Kung Fu has learned a lot about the true meaning of Kung Fu after what he experienced. He woke up after the fall on the night when the Legendary Stick was given to him and he was strong enough to fight off those bad kids. He then rescued the old man who turned out to be the older Lu Yan.

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