James McAvoy, who stars as Mr. Tumnus in The Chronicles of Narnia, teams up with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman in this action-packed film that has unbelievable fight scenes, fast cars, daring train rides, and secret societies.

Wanted starts off with Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) who has stress written all over his face but he still takes it all in. He works at a job that he doesn’t like particularly because of his domineering and pompous boss. He does have a girlfriend who lives with him but sleeps with his best friend. And to counter all these, he takes medication to slow down his heart whenever he feels too pressured or agitated.

One day, he goes to the pharmacy to have his meds refilled. Out of nowhere, a beautiful woman (Angelina Jolie) is standing next to him telling him that his dad was one of the greatest assassins in the world and that he has been murdered. As he tries to argue with her, a man appears and shoots them and the woman opens fire and tries to save Gibson as he flees for his life. After an awesome car chase (poor Corvette), the woman brings him to a secret place where a society of assassins, The Fraternity, is located.

Sloan (Morgan Freeman), the group’s leader, introduces the mysterious woman as Fox and asks Wesley to join their group by shooting the wings of a fly. Wesley thought they were nuts and declined but he wasn’t able to go far because a gun was pointed to his head causing his heart to palpitate. He pulls the gun’s trigger and manages to shoot off the wings of a couple of flies without killing them.

Sloan tells him that when he becomes too stressed his heart beats 400 times a second and this happens to all elite assassins. He asks Gibson if he wants to know how to control it and this time Wesley successfully ran away in fear. He woke up the next morning thinking it was all a dream until he found his father’s gun in the same place where he hid it the night before, the toilet tank.

At his office that same day, his heart once again beats furiously and he fights back against his boss and smashes a keyboard on his best friend’s head. He storms out of the office and finds Fox waiting for him outside to take him to The Fraternity’s secret hideout where he finishes his training and is told to kill off a few people, but with much difficulty.

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