Open Season 1 is a very fun animated movie that will surely entertain both kids and adults alike. It’s a fun movie about a cute and loveable bear that was domesticated who saved a deer named Elliott from a crazy hunter. The bear and deer eventually became a team when the grizzly had to be returned back to the wild after a series of unfortunate events that had occurred after Boog (the bear) met Elliott (the deer).

Great Animation

The 2 unlikely teammates had no choice but to stay together while Boog was in a quest to go back to his beloved owner but the problem was, it was open season. The duo had to convince other wild animals to join together and fight against the hunters so they will no longer come and hunt them for prize.

Eventually, the animals won the fight against the hunters and they had nobody else to thank but Boog. Elliott tried to save Boog in one scene where the hunter was about to kill Boog but Elliott jumped towards them to push the hunter away from his gun. This led Boog to finally start roaring like a real grizzly bear.

Comedy For The Entire Family

Boog’s owner, Beth the park ranger, went to the forest to look for Boog again and wanted him to come back home with her but Boog then realized that he was actually home and Beth understood and set her free to be with his wild family.

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