This movie is an Israeli documentary animation film It had received several awards including the Golden Globe for best foreign language film and many more. It was directed by Ari Folman who is also the lead actor in the film.

The movie is first set in 1982 when Ari Folman, a 19 year old infantry soldier for IDF or the Israel Defense Forces during the Lebanon War. Then in 2006, Ali had met with his friend from the army and talked about the nightmares he was having in connection to the Lebanon War. He actually could not remember anything from that war as it may have been blocked due to its traumatic nature. That night, Ali had a dream or a vision with the massacre of Sabra & Shatila. He couldn’t tell for certain if it was just a dream or was it really something that happened from the past and he is just now recalling.

Well, the story of the movie is really an aftermath of the war when Ali decided to figure out what those images were. He interviewed his old friends who lived around the world. He wanted to know the truth about that time and of course about himself that he had forgotten. With every friend he meets, he learns something new and he gets deeper and deeper into the mystery, recalling some of the most surreal images that will definitely keep you on your toes.

After watching the movie, you would feel as if you’ve had a dream… as if it was a dream. Only you can’t get it off of your head right away… can’t snap out of it. And that is what made it so unique.

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